Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few fun photos

Here are some pictures from Easter weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Easter egg hunt at church and then went to Nana and Pa's house for lunch. We had 2 birthday parties we were invited to that day as well, however, I ended up with an ear infection so we came home.

Decorating cookies at church

Rosa just ate hers

Fern "finding" eggs, she got a TON!

Mr. & Mrs. Bunny...

A visit from E. Bunny

Rosa enjoying her chocolate bunny

I took a few pictures today. Here are the girls playing with their princess stuff. Fern loved the dress up shoes and Rosa wanted to wear them , but fell every time she took a step.

My princesses!

And with the news of Swine Flu cases in Madison, we're getting ready...

Just in case...

We're all safe!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Although we celebrated Fern's Birthday back on March 28th here is a cute picture courtesy of Kelsy Lantz Photography.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's up?

We have been busy, busy...
I quit my job last week so after the girls finish up their last week of daycare we will be home again!
We had a fun Easter weekend. We went to the Easter egg hunt at church on Sat morning then over to Nana and Pa's for lunch. We had 2 b'day parties we were invited to, but I was not feeling well, so we came home instead.
We went to church Sun morning and then to Abby and Bob's (granddaddy's) for lunch on Sun. We actually got to spend the evening at home, just the 4 of us, the first time in a while!
My mom, aka Abby, is getting married this Sat so we have a busy weekend! Fern will be the flower girl and Rosa will just watch from afar. WE are excited to see 2 of my cousins from ATL and their daughters! I just don't get to see them often enough.
I promise to download all of our pics soon and post a couple.
As far a baby Schroder, we are at 18 weeks, almost half way! We have our 20 week appointment on the 27th of April. This is the appointment where we can find out the gender of the baby, but we are planning to wait until the baby gets here! We'll see how that goes, when we are sitting in the office and have the opportunity to know-we'll see if we can hold off!
We are seriously toying with the idea of putting our house on the market, so that means we have ALOT to do to get the house ready for that.
And I would like to have another yard sale, maybe sometime in May, but that's a lot of work too.
That's what's going on with us.