Wednesday, August 26, 2009

quick update

tomorrow is the big day, we will find out if Lily is still breech (which I am pretty sure she is) and what day we will finally hold her in our arms.

Here is a picture of Fern on her first day of MDO. It was pouring rain and I had to get her and Rosa out of the car and into school so I don't have a picture of her in her classroom that day.

But, here is a picture of her with her teacher at the Open House.

And here is a picture of Fern and two friends on her first night of dance

A few weeks ago Mary Ellen came over and took maternity pictures. Here are a few shots she got that day.

Last week I had two baby showers. One was with friends we go to church with and the other was a group of ladies who also have adopted from Guatemala and a friend from the church we used to attend. Both nights we went to dinner and on Friday night, we also went to a movie. It was so nice to have a girls night out (ok 2 GNOs) with some really great friends!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Days!

I can't believe that we are about to have a baby! It is exciting and scary all at the same time. My due date is Sep 11th, but we found out last Thursday that our little Lily is head up. I have another appointment tomorrow (37 weeks) to see if she has turned (don't think she has) and if not, we will go ahead and schedule a C-section. That's not really how I imagined this whole thing going down, but I am thankful that there are ways to safely deliver a breech baby and that we know ahead of time she is breech. Our thoughts are that we will schedule the C-section for the first week of Sep, hopefully Sep 4th.
If we didn't have enough on our plate with 2 little ones at home and a baby on the way, Fern started MDO and her dance classes started up again this week. We weren't planning to let her go to dance this fall but she loves it so much we thought it would be a good distraction for her with Lily coming. She is going to MDO on Tuesday and Thursday and dance on Wednesday.
That's what's going on with us, so if you don't hear from me for a while, now you know why... One day I plan to do some type of photo collage of our summer, but who knows when I'll find time.
I will definitely update when Miss Lily Anne arrives!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wow, has it been that long?

Time is FLYING!!! I cannot believe that baby Schroder, who we are pretty sure is going to be Lily, will be here in about 5 weeks. Bill has been so busy with school this summer that we have not had time to do anything to get ready for her so this weekend is it! We had a yard sale this morning to clear out the garage some, made about $100, not much, but hey it paid for the paint we bought for the nursery.
We really thought that we would have sold our house and have moved by the time the baby arrived, but alas, we are still here so we decided to go ahead and get a room ready for her. We are (actually my mom, Bill and Dane) in the process of painting our office Milk Chocolate. We figured it is a good neutral color so it can easily be converted back to an office when we get ready to sell it. We have a baby bed, since Fern has moved to her big girl bed, a changing table and a rocking chair. I think it should be enough for now and hopefully in the next few months we can get our house on the market and find a bigger one for us.

Fern is getting ready to start school (3 days a week at Mother's Day Out) and her dance classes. She loved going to dance so much over the summer that we gave in and are sending her this fall as well. She dances ALL the time- walking across the parking lot, getting ready for bed, in the bath tub, anytime, anyplace. She also loves to sing. She will sing (at the top of her lungs) for hours-just any song she can think of or make up...

Rosa is preparing for her role as a big sister and middle child. She loves babies, we'll see how it goes when she has to share mommy with someone else. She is talking up a storm. She says- thank you, sister, NO, I don't know, outside, book, baby, flower- lots of other things I can't think of right now, but her vocabulary is expanding daily. She is working hard on putting sentences together.

We have some cute pictures I need to post, but have not taken them off the computer yet.
Wednesday I am having maternity pictures taken with the girls, so hopefully I can post those soon.

Hopefully I will get around to posting again before Lily gets here, but we only have 5short weeks, so no promises!