Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two years ago...

Wow, I can't believe it has been 2 years since we made that crazy trip from Guatemala to Atlanta, pit stop in Birmingham, then HOME with our beautiful girls. It has been a whirlwind. Our girls are so big. Fernanda is 4 years-5 months and Rosa is 2 years-10 months and Lily is 11 1/2 months old. What a blessing the last 2 years have been, overwhelming at times, but a blessing for sure.

Fern just started her 2nd year of Mother's Day Out/Pre-K and dance. She is an entertainer. She LOVES to dance, sing, play dress up, watch TV, dance, be a big sister, play with her babies, play games, color/draw, did I mention dance? She is such a joy. She is hardheaded, asks a million questions a day, loves talking about her birthday. The first thing she does every morning when she gets up is put on her tutu, crown and princess shoes, I think she really believes she is a princess, and she is! She tells me that she is going to go to Heaven with Jesus and wants all her family and friends to go with her. Anytime she or someone is sick or hurt, she wants to pray for them and always wants to be the one to say the blessing. She is so smart and says the funniest things, and she knows it. She knows everyone thinks she's cute and boy is she a ham! She can pose for pictures like a superstar! I am so thankful we have had a healthy year, I don't think she has been sick once this year. Fern has the BEST smile! I can't believe that she is so big!

Rosa just started her 2nd year of Mother's Day Out and her 1st year of dance. She is so funny and such a sweet girl. Rosa knows all her colors and can recognize a few letters. She loves to play with her sisters. She is always correcting my misspeaks, like if I call her the wrong name, she says, "I'm Rosa". Rosa is definitely a momma's girl, but loves her Papi so much and asks me every day where he is. She is mostly potty trained and is so proud of herself. Rosa will be having her tonsils and adenoids removed next month to help with sleep apnea, otherwise she has been healthy this year, only 1 ear infection. She has gone from being shy and quiet to talking to everyone. When we went to Disney World in May, she overcame her fear of the characters. She is such a big girl and tells me everyday she loves me the big whole world! She has picked up Fern's love of all ting birthday and tells me EVERYDAY, "my birtday coming up today, I want to have pumpkin patch for my birtday". How is it possible that she is almost 3?

Lily is my sweet baby! I cannot believe that in just 2 weeks we will be celebrating her 1st birthday! She is on the verge of walking. She has been standing for a few weeks now but just hasn't gotten brave enough to take that step. She now has 2 teeth all the way in and 1 more up top that has broken through the gum. She is a great eater, will eat almost anything. She says momma, but not necessarily directed at me, just out of frustration or exhaustion. She crawls everywhere and chases after her big sisters. If we leave her in a room, it's not long before she has caught up with us. She still has her paci and her "lovie", can't go to sleep without them. She sleeps through the night, only wakes to get her paci back in her mouth. I can see we are gonna have a time taking that away. She loves her sisters, gets so excited when she sees them. Lily lights up when her Papi walks into the room. She plays pat-a-cake and will "bonk heads" which is one of the first things I remember Rosa doing at this age. I have been trying to teach her a little sign language and I think she actually did the sign to eat yesterday. Lily is such a joy, almost make us want to have another, but I think we'll wait a while!

It has been a busy year, we went to Disney World in May and then to Gatlinburg in July/August. Here are a couple of pics from both trips. I love all my girls, am so thankful for them and can't wait to see what this next year has in store!

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Amanda said...

I'm just reading this... can you believe how big they are all getting?!!?