Wednesday, August 26, 2009

quick update

tomorrow is the big day, we will find out if Lily is still breech (which I am pretty sure she is) and what day we will finally hold her in our arms.

Here is a picture of Fern on her first day of MDO. It was pouring rain and I had to get her and Rosa out of the car and into school so I don't have a picture of her in her classroom that day.

But, here is a picture of her with her teacher at the Open House.

And here is a picture of Fern and two friends on her first night of dance

A few weeks ago Mary Ellen came over and took maternity pictures. Here are a few shots she got that day.

Last week I had two baby showers. One was with friends we go to church with and the other was a group of ladies who also have adopted from Guatemala and a friend from the church we used to attend. Both nights we went to dinner and on Friday night, we also went to a movie. It was so nice to have a girls night out (ok 2 GNOs) with some really great friends!


Amanda said...

AW! YAY!! Thanks for posting this picture... I'm stealing it!

I wish Flor could take dance with those girls too!

I can't wait to hold little Lily myself! Let me know if you need any help with the girls those first few days... I'd love to keep them or whatever you need!

Jan said...

Melodie, I too was a bit disappointed to have a C-section with my babies. I felt I had missed something. But after the years go by you realize it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you have them at all and they - and you - are safe. The disappointment fades and the joy is just as full!

If you do have to have a c-section push HARD for them to give you the epidural and THEN the foley catheter. If you're going to be numb you should put it to good use!

Kimberly said...

So what's the latest? Thinking of you and so, so curious!